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Strawberry spider mites

I guess I’m only going to be able to handle weekly posts at this rate … One day I noticed that one of our strawberry plants was looking at a bit purple around the edges, in a dusty kind of … Continue reading

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Tomato pollination

So, the last time I posted about the tomato plant, my friend asked me, ‘Where are all the tomatoes?’ An excellent question, and one which we wondered about ourselves. We had watched our tomato plant grow to the ceiling without … Continue reading

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Aphid update

I think we’re winning in the war on aphids. The basil and arugula seem to have many fewer aphids. There are less than a handful of healthy aphids per pot, and the rest are a dark brown colour which seem … Continue reading

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3 Birds Berry Farm

One of Hide’s favourite things to do in the summer is go berry-picking. He starts talking about it in the spring and doesn’t stop until the end of the summer. The same friend who grew the awesome cherry tomatoes introduced … Continue reading

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War on Aphids

Several weeks ago, we noticed that there were a lot of ants crawling along the windowsill above our container garden. We weren’t sure whether to be worried; after all, it’s not like they were in the kitchen. But there sure … Continue reading

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Introducing the giant tomato plant

At the beginning of the summer, we bought a tomato plant. A few months ago, one of our friends harvested his cherry tomatoes, put them in a salad, and invited us to dinner. Normally, I am polite and don’t pick … Continue reading

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