Welcome to our blog, where we write about what we do outside of work. We have an assortment of interests, some more esoteric than others.  Here’s a short, random list of some of our current passions:

  • Japanese chef’s knives
  • Penabled tablet PCs (not to be confused with media tablets)
  • Coffee (from green bean to espresso)
  • Genetics of dog behaviour

But what we write most about is food. Food is something we have in common with each other, with our family and friends, and hopefully with you too. We’re not professionals; we’re just an ordinary family trying to eat well in the face of money and time constraints. This blog is where we keep our good ideas: food which is simple but delicious.


Clara was born in China, emigrated to Canada as a young child, then moved to the US for school. She identifies as a ‘Chinese-Canadian who has lived longer in the US than either China or Canada’. She has lived in northern Virginia, upstate New York, Boston and Chicago.

Hide was born in Japan and emigrated to the US as a young child. He has lived in northern and southwest Virginia.

Donut was born in a shelter, but placed into foster care immediately. She was adopted as a puppy by a family who returned her after less than a year. Hide and Clara adopted her several months later and have no plans of returning her. Donut has lived in North Carolina.

We currently live in southwest Virginia. Clara is a student, Hide is an engineer, and Donut is a princess.

Family picture


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