Steps: 17,520

Today was the main wedding event. I don’t think we really stopped eating the whole day.

This morning I was determined to wake up early so as to explore the château grounds before the day got too warm. Well, I didn’t wake up that early, then I spent forever at breakfast because we socialized with a bunch of other wedding guests and when the groom’s father sits down with you, you don’t just leave. Also I don’t leave before I’ve had at least my second cup of tea.

Anyway, when we finally got going, it was great. The castle is a beautiful mix of older and younger parts, with ruins from the middle ages adding tons of atmosphere to the parts of the castle that are still used and in good repair.

They had a little bit of everything, actually, some chickens and turkeys and ducks, a couple of horses and beehives, a big pond (small lake?), a bamboo grove (how random?), ruins, sculptures, beautiful vegetable garden, berry bushes, and lots of really old, really big trees.

As friends of the bride and groom, we’re staying in the outbuildings, which have been converted into dormitories. The castle itself is reserved for the immediate family of the bride and groom. I don’t think we were supposed to go into the castle, but I found an open doorway to a staircase spiralling up and up into a tower. We bumped into the groom’s parents and they were super welcoming, showing us their room and the rooms of other family members. Everything was decorated in a period way, but the bathrooms were modern with tasteful period touches (like claw foot bathtub). It was all done really well.

After our morning of exploration, the rest of the day and night was taken up with wedding activities.

Dinner that night was relatively formal, with three courses and a menu.

The starter, a scallop dish with really tender scallops.

The entree, a chicken dish with really delicious mushroom sauce.

A cheese plate because this is France. I liked how my French table mate explained what order in which to eat the cheese, recognizing three out of four on sight and the fourth upon tasting.

Salad. Actually there weren’t many greens the whole weekend.

The dessert, a tower of pastries filled with some kind of a custard. I guess there is something symbolic about this pastry, because there were sparklers and the bride and groom involved. But I didn’t press for details, so I’m not sure of the name or the symbolism.

The dancing went on, as I understand it, until the 6 in the morning. The band members ended up crashing in the dorms.

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  1. K says:

    That unicorn door makes me giggle.

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