Paris to Vendée region

Steps: 13,561

Maybe Paris isn’t so bad.


This morning we took line 6 to Gare Montparnasse. Heretofore we had only taken line 2. Line 6 was completely different. It ran on rubber wheels, like the Montreal subway (if I recall correctly), and the rolling stock was far older.

Portions of it also ran on elevated track, which made it a great way to see the city as opposed to merely getting around the city. I think I should’ve just taken line 6 back and forth yesterday.

At Gare Montparnasse, I worked up the courage to go up to a patisserie again. I spoke only in very bad French and got smiles and English back. I also got one more pastry than I asked for but that’s okay, I’m sure I’ll have no problem eating it.

From Paris, we took a TGV train to Nantes. TGV being another high speed service, I was terribly excited and snapping pictures left and right. Interestingly there are little fold down seats with power outlets in the vestibule of the second class trains. Some people were definitely camped out there for the power.

Once we got to Nantes, we had about an hour before meeting a shuttle to the wedding, so we decided to look around Nantes for a little. We had our luggage with us, so we didn’t go far (and we had no euros whatsoever to use with the left luggage lockers). But within sight was a castle, so we walked towards it, and then Hide graciously stayed with the luggage while I abandoned him to explore.

During my explorations, I failed to take my phone with me, so no pictures. But I’m hoping on the way back through I’ll be able to rectify that.

So the castle is pretty serious, with a moat and everything. The exterior is all free, and I walked around the castle ramparts. It was pretty cool, and I think it was a great way to burn some time in Nantes.

From Nantes we took a shuttle to the wedding location, which is at a château rented out for just such purposes. I didn’t have much chance to explore the day we arrived, but the castle was plenty impressive on the outside. Mostly we got to know the other wedding guests and did wedding stuff.

I will talk about the food though. I wasn’t too hungry when we first arrived because I had eaten three croissants on the train ride, but the food in France…! So first, there were some sandwiches waiting for us. One of the guests, an Italian living in London, dismissed all the non-vegetarian sandwiches as being “ham”. I was like, eh, ham, but better than vegetarian. Only when I started eating I realized it was prosciutto! Delicious.

Later that evening there was a dinner of cold cuts and other casual small eats. I was like, eh, deli meat. But then I realized there was blood sausage and prosciutto and all manner of things I couldn’t name. And even the common stuff like roast beef was amazing. There was this cheese dish with maybe a pesto? Anyway it was all so good. I totally forgot to take pictures.

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