London day 2

Steps: 20,877

Woke up much later this morning than I wanted to, so decided to change everything about today’s schedule. Royal Mews


Checked out the Royal Mews this morning. It’s right by Buckingham Palace, which makes sense, and seemed more interesting and accessible than the palace itself. It’s where the horse-drawn carriages, motor coaches and the ponies themselves are stabled.


A convertible coach!


The most recently commissioned coach, which marries old tradition and new technology. For example, the lanterns accept candles and Led bulbs, the axles were hand-forged, but the suspension is electronic, etc.


The coach used for coronation. It takes two days just to open the doors to the coach house. Good thing coronations are rare.

Borough Market


We took a double decker bus across London Bridge (of nursery rhyme fame), an ideal way to travel because of the great views. Some readers may think that double decker buses are only for tourists, but that is not the case! Such lame vehicles do run around, but the best fleet is run by TfL.

But, as cool as those double deckers are we actually crossed the Thames to scavenge for lunch in Borough Market.


We got some “Scotch eggs”, which were soft boiled eggs wrapped in fried pork sausage. They were decent, though I thought the pork sausage tasted better than the eggs themselves, which were a bit bland.


We also had a paella with chorizo. The paella was mediocre (honestly, I think I’ve made better paella, and I don’t claim to be any kind of paella expert), but the chorizo was super tasty.

We weren’t sure where to go next, but in the course of wandering around the market we came upon the Wright Brothers restaurant. They’re the largest oyster distributor in London, and decided to open their own restaurant.


We had a selection of rocks, and the differences were quite interesting. Some were more tart than others, one tasted also like soy sauce, etc. One of the staff members was quite chatty and told us that right now, the oysters taste creamier than usual. We also found out that most people swallow their oysters without chewing. So all they taste is the sea (which, granted, tastes really fresh and wonderful here, but still). She was gratified to find that we actually chew our oysters.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society


We wandered down the Thames to look at the Tower Bridge because I think it’s pretty. Then we headed back north across the river to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.


This is a scotch club of which Hide is a member. Actually they have locations in Seattle and Vancouver too, but London is way closer to Scotland, thus rendering it many times cooler.

I expected a den of masculinity – you know, heavy, dark wood furniture, plush, velvet upholstery, smoke from cigars and a fireplace wreathing through the air. Instead it was a comfortably light and modern second-floor room, nearly like a cafe. Now I want to see what the headquarters in Edinburgh look like!

Hide had three drinks, but he’s too sleepy now to tell me about them. In contrast, I was the sleepy one while we were there.

We called it a night and in the interests of saving time and money, picked up some sandwiches from a Sainsbury’s for dinner. It was nice spending only $15 on a meal instead of $50. Those oysters were ballin’.

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4 Responses to London day 2

  1. FOD says:

    Hey thanks for pic of scotch egg! I was wondering what they were exactly. They came up a lot in a book i was listening to.

  2. FOD says:

    Also, thanks for texting link so i can follow your travels. You are an excellent tour guide. Sorry, i was texting you i didn’t know you were not local…..obviously.

    • Clara says:

      No problem, glad you’re enjoying the blog! Free data and lots of WiFi, so don’t worry about the texting thing!

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