Welcome friends and family to the second edition of “daily posts so you know we’re still alive”!

This time we’re on a two week trip to Europe. We’ll be hitting London, Paris, the French countryside, and Switzerland.

At the moment we’re sitting in the British Airways first class lounge, being plied with food and drink. Yes, first class! As a result of Hide’s hard work, our vacation is starting before getting to our first destination.

Curiously enough, the first class lounge is actually more crowded and less comfortable than the seating outside. This is only because YVR is awesome!

What lounge can compare with rock and water features?


Or a motherfucking aquarium?


But, well, drinks. For those who drink, anyway. Hide is certainly enjoying himself. 😉


I forgot the DSLR, so we’re just going to have to put up with phone pictures. I’m also writing all blog posts on my phone, so excuse brevity, mistakes, etc. Let me know of any recurring horribly annoying formatting problems, thanks. See you next time!

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