We stayed with my mom in Vancouver for a few days, as a vacation for Hide before he starts work. We tried to keep a relatively empty schedule but somehow the days ended up being pretty busy most of the time anyway.

We went to our favourite restaurant, Portland Craft, as well as a dim sum place my mom really wanted us to try. Hide liked the food at the dim sum place (Dynasty Seafood Restaurant on Broadway), but neither of us found it twice as good as dim sum places half as expensive.

On our last night, we got hainan chicken and curry chicken from a restaurant across the street (Mui Garden on Main). That was by far the best experience. I ate until I had a serious food baby. The texture and flavor of the hainan chicken (plain steamed chicken eaten with ginger scallion oil) was simply perfect (I’m convinced the secret lies in brining). The curry was delicious, very sweet and savory while somehow not overpowering at all, and the chicken was wonderfully tender. I don’t often have Chinese style curry, so this was a refreshing experience.

Hide actually packed his coffee stuff, so for the most part we didn’t go to any coffee shops.

The rest of the time we ate my mom’s cooking, ran errands, checked out houses while walking Donut, and watched the hilarious interactions between Donut and my mom. My mom is terrified of pretty much any animal, but by the end of our time there, she was even petting Donut. She would complain about Donut being there and in the same breath criticize me for not feeding her enough or taking her out often enough. She was forever sneaking extra food to Donut. With my mom this bad, I shudder to think how bad my grandma will be.

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