Vancouver to Seattle

Distance: 137 miles
Time: maybe 4 hours?

And yet another surprisingly positive border crossing experience! Actually this one was probably the best I had my whole life. The border official spoke to me in Chinese and Hide in Japanese and said nice things to Donut. He was friendly and said “welcome home”as he waved us on.

The traffic on both sides of the border was a bit heavy, although moving well, and the border wait was about an hour. The traffic going northbound was pretty seriously congested though. Labour Day weekend traffic? Boeing employees? I’m not sure.

We got to our temporary housing without incident, unpacked the car, and even got a bite to eat. I am, by now, heartily tired of driving, and I begged Hide to find a place within walking distance.

We’re ready to get started with making a life in Seattle now. Finding a place to live, identifying a good mix of grocery stores (there’s even a Kroger-owned chain in the area), and discovering great trails for walking Donut.

Thanks for following along with us on this road trip. It’s been comforting knowing that you’ve been reading and we haven’t been making the trip alone.

Keep well and I’m sure we’ll see some of you soon!

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