We spent the whole day with EM and, on and off, a couple of his friends. We had brunch at Hob Nob, pre-dinner ‘appetizers’ from some food tricks, dinner at Biga Pizza, and drinks at KettleHouse Brewing Company while we waited to get a seat at Biga. The food trucks were at the bluegrass festival in town, and we had a pork sandwich from an Asian food truck and a flying saucer reuben from another food truck. I was quite enamoured of the saucer sandwich, because it prevents your food from leaking out the other side (a big problem for me when I was consuming my fried egg sandwich from brunch).

Flying saucer sandwich

Flying saucer sandwich

The pizza at Biga was fantastic! I would say the crust ranks a 6 or 7/10 (it was a bit too dense to qualify any higher), but the toppings were assuredly a 10/10. We got two half-and-half pizzas: proscuitto, pesto, meatball, and potato. They all had a garlic and olive oil base sauce. I liked the prosciutto (plus arugula and cherry tomato) one the best. Somehow the combination of juicy tomato and flavourful ham is just heaven in the mouth.

Prosciutto on one side and pesto on the other.

Prosciutto on one side and pesto on the other.

It was rainy the night before and all day, so we decided to skip a more serious hike. As much as I had looked forward to hiking in Montana, I just didn’t think I would enjoy myself with all that mud, so, alas, all that great hiking is just going to have to wait until the next time I come to Montana. And there will definitely be a next time.

Instead of hiking through the wilderness, we took a long walk along one of Missoula’s many pedestrian paths, including going into what will be the Old Sawmill District, a promised development project. My favourite sight along the way was probably the skate park, which apparently is hard to get out of in the winter. I can believe it – Donut had hardly any traction when it was just wet, much less snowy and icy.

We also played a couple of games of Power Grid, when not out and about. EM won one game, and then we all ganged up against him, so Hide won the second game.

We switched hotels the second night, to the Best Western Plus a couple of miles from downtown. I didn’t think hotels could get any better around here, but, yep, complimentary water bottles to make us feel extra welcome.

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