Billings to Missoula

Distance: 334 miles
Time: 5 hours

Compared to the drive from Minneapolis to Billings, the drive from Billings to Missoula felt extremely short. It seemed that I had only closed my eyes for a few minutes and then we were there. Accordingly, I don’t have many comments about the drive. Drivers in Montana don’t speed very much (compared to, say, drivers in Pennsylvania), there are a lot of out-of-state plates (including Canadian plates, although curiously I haven’t see Beautiful British Columbia yet), and the landscape is gorgeous (dramatic mountains). At one point I was stuck behind a dump truck carrying an uncovered load of dirt, and now my windshield has several chips. I’m pretty sad about that, because I managed to drive this car around for nearly 10 years without damaging the windshield.

After getting to Missoula, we checked into the Comfort Inn University, where the front desk staff were super nice and even gave us a pup pack, and they have free bike rentals for guests. With our friend EM, who has lived in Missoula for too many years, we climbed up Mt Sentinel (way to make me feel out of shape), had dinner at the Old Post (comfort food type menu), drinks at the Montgomery Distillery (local distillery which distills their own gin, vodka and aquavit), and then finished off the night with a load of laundry and an attempt at playing the board game Mage Wars (we didn’t get further than one round).

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