We stayed at the Hilton Chicago in downtown, which was surprisingly comfortable and a really enjoyable stay (and we did not get put in some kind of a weird room because we had a pet).

We had brunch at Julius Meinl, and it was fantastic as usual. Hide ordered their drink of the month, which they called Apfelblüte, apparently their take on the Austrian drink  Almdudler. It was some kind of bubbly apple cider drink that was absolutely delicious. We also had a chocolate croissant (mouth-watering chocolate fragrance), Austrian goulash with housemade spätzle (I loved spätzle when all I could get was the dry stuff, but this … ! And the sauce was so good, with a savoury sweetness like perfectly caramelized meat, that we spent 10 minutes speculating on how to recreate it), and a baked egg (Meinl specialty) with rösti (potato pancake). After lunch, we had coffee at Metropolis Coffee (legit coffee-making of which Hide approves, with relatively quiet and calm ambience).

For dinner we went to La Pasadita, on the recommendation of one of Hide’s brother’s friends whom we met at the rooftop party. I don’t eat a lot of Mexican, and in general there are very few Mexican places which push my ‘good food’ button (nothing against Mexican, I feel exactly the same way about Chinese restaurants in the US), but wow, was this place ever one of them. The meat was so flavourful and juicy, and they even had beef tongue! I love a properly cooked beef tongue. I actually went back and got seconds. Hide just laughed at me. After dinner, we had beers at Dry Hop (Hide liked the international pale ale, which was super fruity, but not the amber, and he didn’t like either well enough to fill a growler).

I love Chicago! It was so great to be back, and I even got to catch up with my former coworkers.

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  1. T^2? says:

    Spätzle ftw. Rösti with lightly pan fried (previously boiled) leftover Weißwurst… to die for. Just one more reason to work on my airline miles.

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