Meal #16: Potato croquette

Potatoes have been on my mind a lot lately. I keep seeing references to potato dishes which use mashed potatoes as a base, like Japanese-style croquettes and pierogis. In an attempt to get these ideas out of my head, I’m embarking on a potato adventure. First stop: Japanese-style croquettes.

Japanese-style croquettes

  1. Make mashed potato filling. I learned how to make mashed potatoes from Alton Brown. I like to put in butter, cream, S&P, parmesan and lots of garlic. It always turns out really well – except this time, when I decided not to add butter. Oops.
  2. Sauté onion and bacon over medium or medium-low heat. Add mixed veggies when done.
  3. Mix together mashed potatoes and bacon mixture.
    Mashed potato and bacon mixture
  4. Make croquettes exactly the same way you make tonkatsu.
  5. Serve with tonkatsu sauce.
    Potato croquette - done

Except for the lacklustre filling, it was really good. The crispy panko crust tastes different from tonkatsu, even though it’s made using the exact some technique. The filling could have improved with more TLC for the mashed potato component from me, as well as better bacon. We usually use Schaller & Weber double-smoked bacon, but we went with a cheaper bacon for the Challenge. It definitely didn’t pack the same flavour punch as the Schaller & Weber bacon, so in the end, it’s not really cheaper at all. To get the same amount of flavour, we would’ve had to use way more bacon than usual.

I should also note that the filling we used is not a typical Japanese filling. Hide says that typical fillings are beef and potato or crabmeat and corn. That beef and potato sounds pretty good, so I’ll probably try again soon with that.

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