Suspending the Challenge for two days

This weekend, we’re going out of town to see a friend who’s visiting the East Coast from California. We plan to eat out a lot for the socialization. And since I’m staying with my dad, I’ll be eating his cooking when we’re not eating out. Either way, this weekend totally blows up our Challenge lifestyle. I think the fair thing to do is just to suspend the Challenge while we’re out of town. If we could, we would avoid taking this trip until after the Challenge, but we’re not going to miss this chance to see our friend.

(I’m also not going through crazy contortions of bringing our own groceries and half our pantry so I can take over my dad’s kitchen and invite random people he doesn’t know to invade his home so we can avoid eating out and avoid eating his food).

The Challenge was originally from Mar 22 to Apr 22, but suspending it for two days makes the new deadline Apr 24.

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2 Responses to Suspending the Challenge for two days

  1. Wendy says:

    🙂 Your protein and sweet craves are met by this trip though which means it will be easier for you to stay on tight budget when the challenge is back on.

    • Clara says:

      I think that’s a great reason for why Challenge suspensions are cheating. However, I don’t think either cravings or tight budgets apply to our particular case.

      We didn’t crave protein, because we ate meat pretty much every day during the Challenge, and even while we were attempting to eat less meat (although still eating it as frequently), we got plenty of protein from beans. Neither Hide nor I consciously felt any protein craving before the suspension, and neither of us focused particularly on getting lots of protein during the suspension.

      We also didn’t crave sugar, because our diet both before and during the Challenge is very low in added sugar – we eat very few processed foods, we rarely drink sweet beverages (except for my bubble tea habit, which I quit well before the suspension), and we rarely use sugar in our cooking. We do occasionally make baked goods (such as pumpkin bread), but we did not make more or less while on the Challenge, so our sugar intake from baked goods was the same before and during the Challenge. During the suspension, we consumed no desserts and only one can of lightly sweetened peach-flavoured water (an Asian product).

      Finally, when we returned to the Challenge after the suspension, we were not on a tight budget. We had $60.06 for two days, which is plenty of money – enough, even, with which to eat out. Despite that, we didn’t even need to use that money when we returned to the Challenge, since we had so much food left.

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