Meal #15: Cauliflower-egg bake

A long time ago, someone told me that cauliflower and egg go well together. Now, I love egg even more than I love garlic, but I’m not very creative when it comes to egg dishes. So this time, when I saw good looking cauliflower in the store, I decided to give the cauliflower-egg combination a whirl.

I trawled the Internet looking for recipes, and in the end, I decided to do a bake based on these two recipes. The other option I seriously considered was a pan-fry, based on these two recipes.

Cauliflower-egg bake

Cauliflower-egg bake

  1. Cut up cauliflower florets and steam. I used the microwave, using a similar technique to microwave steaming wings: pile up in a donut-like shape, put a splash of water in the middle, cover, and use the microwave’s pre-programmed vegetable cooking time. I ‘discarded’ the outer leaves and stalk in the middle – by chopping it up, cooking it (in the microwave, naturally), and feeding it to my dog as the veggie portion of her diet (my dog eats veggies every day just like we do).
  2. Beat eggs (I used four this time). Season with salt, pepper, mirin and loads of garlic paste (optional). And – here’s the real secret – crumble in (or grate) some cheese. We used sharp cheddar this time, but I think any cheese with strong flavour would work well.
  3. Place steamed cauliflower florets into baking dish, and pour beaten egg mixture evenly around. Pop into oven and bake until egg is set, about 20 minutes.
  4. Garnish with diced scallion and serve.

It came out looking quite pretty, but really needs something red or orange. A bit of ham, I think, would go beautifully. Maybe I’ll try again after the Challenge.

The flavour was actually a bit bland, despite my seasoning the egg mixture liberally with salt. The real pockets of flavour came from the cheese, so I would urge you not to omit that ingredient. Of course, that’s another reason to add ham …

Finally, I felt that the baked egg texture didn’t mesh well with the cauliflower texture. But what about mashed potatoes? Mashed potatoes have been on my mind a lot lately…

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