Grocery Trip #6

Hide and I had been invited to a potluck-style picnic, a birthday party for our friends’ child. We agonized over what to bring to the party – we didn’t know how many people would be there and we didn’t know whether we were expected to bring something substantial.

It came down to wings or pumpkin bread. We know that wings are a crowd-pleaser (last time we brought wings to a party, they were all gone before I could even try one), but obviously they’re a much more expensive option than pumpkin bread – about 10 times more expensive. At this point, we had about $125 left and two weekends left in the budget. At roughly $60 a weekend, we didn’t have much slack. And it’s not as if pumpkin bread isn’t delicious either.

But we were too proud not to bring the better offering. We didn’t want to insult our friends, who had been good to us, and we didn’t want to be ashamed.

So off I went to the grocery store.

fig-receipt-kroger-04-07Now we have $107.63 left in the budget.


I made the wings as I described before, and Hide made a soy-ginger-honey (also garlic and scallion) sauce to go with it. He used up most of our remaining jar of [expensive, local] honey. In retrospect, we should have used mostly sugar for the sweetness, and then added a bit of honey just for the flavour.

As we expected, the wings were very popular – they were all gone before the first grilled items were ready. It’s a good thing Hide made me try a joint before we left for the party. Unfortunately, most of the other food at the potluck was pretty lacking in quality. Hide didn’t even want to eat most of it, but I insisted that he fill up instead of eating again at home. I told him we didn’t have the money for two meals when there should only have been one.

We were both cranky and regretful at the end. I guess you could say one good thing came out of it: we still have the sauce Hide made (not as popular as the wings – we didn’t set it out well enough). We just have to figure out what to do with it now.


I also bought a small bag of store brand flour on this trip, as a compromise. We’re running low on flour, but we feel that we can’t afford to buy our usual brand and amount. So instead, we’re compromising by buying a small amount of store brand flour to help us get by until the end of the Challenge (one more loaf of bread, or one more batch of pumpkin bread). Once the Challenge is over, we’ll use that flour for dusting and suchlike, which is an economical practice I approve of, anyway.

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