Meal #12: Katsudon

The best part of tonkatsu is the crunchy fried crust on the outside. Obviously that crunchiness won’t keep in the fridge, and it won’t survive reheating in the microwave either. So the classic solution to the conundrum of leftover tonkatsu is … katsudon.


  1. Bring small amount of water to boil. You’ll be making a tasty broth, and you should drink all of it, so don’t use too much water.
  2. Add chopped onion or shallot (half an onion or a whole shallot for the two of us).
    Chopped onion for katsudon
  3. After the onion has simmered for a bit (it depends on how cooked you like your onion), add the flavourings: dashi (Japanese fish stock), mirin, soy sauce and sugar. Hide doesn’t have amounts for any of these – he’s made it often enough that he just eyeballs it and then adjusts to make it taste right to him. Sorry – I’m sure you can find tons of recipes online that are more helpful.
  4. Add leftover tonkatsu.
    Leftover tonkatsu for katsudon
  5. Crack a few eggs (however much you want to eat) on top, then turn off the heat and cover to let the egg cook in the hot broth. Hide likes to break the eggs apart rather than leaving them whole or completely scrambling them. Your mileage may vary.
    Egg added for katsudon
  6. Serve over rice, and be sure not to let any of that tasty broth go to waste!


Because the wok was being taken up by the katsudon, I made a side with frozen veggies. I made the vinegar and honey pea recipe I described in the frozen veggie post. Unfortunately, it didn’t have any pictures, so I’m including those for your edification this time.

Olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper mixture for peas Peas in mixture with honey added

These peas are still pretty green, because they didn’t have enough time to stand in the mixture. After a bit longer (30 minutes?) they’ll be completely yellow, which is how you know they’ve had enough time to hang out with the marinade. That’s why they taste even better on day two.

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