Week 3 Wrap-up

I think the meal backlog is actually getting worse, instead of better. This ‘wrap-up’ is turning more into a ‘preview’ of the coming week’s posts.

Friday, April 5
Katsudon, pork burger with homemade bread, grocery trip, down to $125.15.
Saturday, April 6
Blanquette de veau, no change in budget.
Sunday, April 7
Pumpkin bread, garlic paste, wings for birthday party, down to $107.63.
Monday, April 8
Cauliflower and egg, tomato beef stew. 
Tuesday, April 9
Wednesday, April 10
Beef braised in soy-honey sauce.
Thursday, April 11
Braised turkey drumsticks.

Here’s a simple meal we’ve had a couple of times since the Challenge started.

Tomato and eggs with a side of bok choy for Saturday lunch

The main dish is tomato and eggs, a classic Chinese dish I’ve posted about before. The side is – what else? – Shanghai bok choy, my favourite vegetable.

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