Meal #8: Pancakes

We’ve been posting a lot of our lunches and dinners during the Challenge. But what do we eat for breakfast? Confession: we don’t eat breakfast. Sometimes when we have bread or baked goods, we’ll have breakfast. But often, it’s just a cup of coffee for Hide and a cup of bubble tea for me in the mornings, and then off we go. I know, skipping breakfast is terrible for you in all kinds of ways. But in this country, I have a lot of trouble finding appetizing breakfast foods.

In China, breakfast was probably my favourite meal of the day. I’d jump out of bed, ready to hit the street vendors. My attitude was always, ‘So, what am I going to have today?’ There was so much variety available. I’d stroll down alleys and streets, perusing the great selection with greedy eyes. (I’m not even going to describe them, because remembering will make me too sad, but let me just say that the Google Images search results actually capture the atmosphere quite well.) After I had made my choices, I always ended by grabbing a couple bags of soy milk from the convenience store and taking everything home. My grandma would heat up the soy milk in a saucepan, add just the right amount of sugar, and serve it in a bowl. Soy milk and street vendor goodies, that’s how I had breakfast in China. No China, no breakfast.

Real Canadian maple syrupBut the other day, we had a friend visit from Canada, and he brought us a gift of maple syrup! Actually, I think I might never have had maple syrup when I was in Canada. My mother assimilated in some ways, but she never got used to Western food (neither did I until I started dating Hide), so we only ate Chinese/Asian at home and at restaurants. Ironic, that my first definitive Canadian maple syrup experience is in the US.

What better to have with maple syrup than pancakes? So Hide made a fluffy, yeast-based pancake batter. He had been inspired by recipes for Belgian waffles which included yeast, so he thought, why not pancakes?

Yeast-based pancakes

Pancake, cooked Pancake batter

  1. Follow the KAF Belgian waffle recipe.
  2. Cook as a pancake instead of waffle.

I think Hide’s idea was a great success. I found the pancakes much lighter and fluffier than usual. They went down easily, had an interesting gooey texture in the middle, and soaked up the syrup well.

The syrup was excellent, much less sweet than I expected, leading me to believe that most maple syrup sold in stores must have tons of added sugar. I guess I’ll check the ingredients label before I buy any next time!

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