Grocery Trip #4

This time we spent $29.85, bringing us down to $191.60. Uh oh, we’re below $200 already…

fig-receipt-kroger-03-31 fig-receipt-oasis-03-31

Mostly this trip was for the olive oil, because we screwed up. I had proposed vegetable oil as a cheaper substitue, but Hide was adamant about olive oil. Hide is usually pretty easygoing; he’s insistent only rarely, so I try to indulge him when he is. So, there you have it. Big olive oil purchase when we could least afford it.

The interesting thing here is that the Challenge created a perverse incentive. We could’ve bought a much smaller bottle of olive oil for probably half the price, and saved a few dollars in the Challenge budget. But the smaller bottle would obviously be more expensive on a per unit volume basis, and we would just have to buy more oil after the Challenge ended. I felt pretty strongly about not giving into the perversity, which is why we ended up with the big bottle.

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