Meal #5: pork tenderloin extravaganza parts 2 and 3

What we really wanted to do with pork tenderloin was make burgers, but we didn’t have any bread. Rather than running to the store and grabbing some, Hide made bread by hand. (Yeah, I know. I’m so lucky.)

So the next two nights we made pork tenderloin sandwiches and burgers, respectively. Again, I’m not going to post any step-by-step instructions (it was our first time, after all), but rather throw up some pictures (click on any image to view slideshow).

Pork tenderloin extravaganza part 2 (the sandwich)

Pork tenderloin extravaganza part 3 (the burger)

The only thing missing from the burgers was something green and crunchy. We had some leftover Romaine lettuce for the sandwiches, but what we really wanted was basil or arugula. Too expensive for Challenge month though, so we just had Asian veggies on the side.

Hide and I had miscommunicated on burger night, so the buns were far too big for both of us to have two burgers each. We both pushed ourselves, though, because this food was really precious, and it’s not the kind of thing you can stick in the fridge for the next day. I ended up tearing off the outsides of my second bun for my dog (we no longer vermicompost because our dog is a much more convenient organic waste receptacle).

Reflecting on the pork tenderloin extravaganza, I have to say, as fancy as it sounds, it really wasn’t that expensive. Consider the ingredients we used on those three nights:

  • One pork tenderloin, about 1.5 lb at $2.50/lb, total cost $3.49, lasted three dinners
  • Two tomatoes, about 0.5 lb at $2.50/lb, total cost $1.25, lasted two dinners
  • Cheese: pretty expensive, but we used so little that a conservative estimate would be $1 for both nights
  • Flour etc for the bread, estimated at about $1 for both nights
  • Shallots: about a $1 for both nights
  • Mushrooms: about $0.50 on the third night?
  • Condiments: mustard, panko, etc – expensive upfront, but amortized over many servings, call it $1 for all three nights

So a little over $9, about $3 per meal, $1.50 per serving. Not as cheap as $1 per serving, but still pretty cheap. Especially considering we made what could be considered ‘gourmet’ burgers.

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