Olive oil emergency

I could swear we bought a gigantic 3L jug of olive oil before the Challenge started, but when we went to refill our olive oil bottle, we couldn’t find that big jug anywhere! We must’ve 1) left in the car or 2) left it in the grocery store or 3) jointly imagined the whole thing. Olive oil is ballin’, we don’t have the money to buy an extra jug during the Challenge! We’re going to check the car and the grocery store, but I don’t have much hope that we’ll find it.

Hide says we can just buy a tiny bottle of olive oil, but that would be so much more expensive on a per unit volume basis. I don’t think it makes sense, even though it would help our Challenge budget. How messed up is that? Because we’re doing the Challenge only for a month, it makes more sense to buy tiny amounts, for which the total price is lower than the bulk amount, but will last just long enough for the Challenge to be over before we need to buy more. Talk about perverse incentives! I’m agitating to use vegetable oil instead (it’s good enough for my parents, and it’s what I used before Hide). We’re still arguing about it…

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