Week 1 Wrap-up

To make sure we’re all on the same page, and everybody knows where the money has been going, I’ll be doing weekly wrap-ups. This is kinda like those obligatory recap episodes in anime, which I hate with a passion. If you share my hate, just let me know, and I’ll throw in an extra post the same day to sweeten the pot.

Note that I have a backlog of meal posts, so half the meals I mention in the summary haven’t actually been posted yet. Next week, we should be eating more Challenge purchases (instead of foods purchased pre-Challenge), so I won’t feel obligated to post about every meal to explain where the money is going.

Friday, March 22
The day we started the Challenge. Began with $367, went grocery shopping and had $301.33 left.
Saturday, March 23
Made our first Challenge meal using ground pork purchased pre-Challenge, bringing us down to $297.01.
Sunday, March 24
Had to make a quick grocery trip and made our second Challenge meal (for guests!). Didn’t have exact numbers for the meal, so only subtracted grocery cost. Down to $286.16.
Monday, March 25
Made third Challenge meal, again using ingredients purchased pre-Challenge. I had an exact figure for the veal, so I subtracted that from the budget, bringing us to $282.17.
Tuesday, March 26
Made fourth Challenge meal, still using ingredients purchased pre-Challenge. Although we didn’t use up the entire tenderloin, I’m subtracting its whole cost from the budget. We’ll be using the rest of it soon enough. $278.68 now.
Wednesday, March 27
Part 2 of the pork tenderloin extravaganza, no change in budget.
Thursday, March 28
Part 3 of the pork tenderloin extravaganza. Went grocery shopping, down to $221.45.

Looking at the summary, I get the distinct impression that we cook every day. Wow, really? That’s too much work! Next week, we should work on cooking in bigger batches.

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