Meal #2: fried rice

We made fried rice for our guests this weekend. Because they were vegetarian, I stuck with egg and shrimp as the only protein sources, but normally I include sliced Chinese sausage, steamed with the rice.

Again, I think this meal is relatively cheap. Most of the ingredients were bought before the Challenge started, but here’s an approximate breakdown:

  • Eggs (5): about $1
  • Salad shrimp (6 oz): about $2-$3
  • Frozen mixed veggies (1 bag): $1
  • Rice (2.5 cups, dry): < $1

That amount makes about six servings, so just like Meal #1, about $1 per serving (actually even cheaper, because Meal #1 didn’t include rice).

Fried rice with shrimp and egg

It’s also pretty easy to make:

  1. Prep all the ingredients ahead of time: steam the rice (and sausage), scramble the eggs, thaw the veggies and shrimp (fast and easy using the microwave).
  2. Stir-fry all the non-rice ingredients, seasoning liberally with salt, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, etc.
  3. Throw in the rice, turn heat to low, and mix it up.

Our fried rice this time was okay, but we’ve made better. I think it wasn’t seasoned heavily enough, and therefore the garlic taste didn’t come out as much as I wanted. I also suspect that there was too much ginger and pepper for my taste, since we didn’t have the heavier flavour of sausage to balance the heat.

Since lack of seasoning was also a problem in Meal #1, the lesson seems to be, season liberally!

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