Grocery Trip #2

We had company over this weekend, scheduled before we decided to take up the Challenge. We were running low on eggs and decided to make a quick trip to top up.

Receipt 03-24

We spent a total of $10.94, leaving us with $286.16 in our Challenge budget.

What we didn’t buy

Mushrooms. Hide wanted them in the dish, but I said they were too expensive. (I prefer ‘wild’ mushrooms, like shiitake and oyster mushroom, which are more expensive than button mushrooms.) I have also never been able to place mushrooms into a food group, so I don’t see them as a necessary part of the meal. In my book, they add flavour, like spices and herbs. And what flavour! Occasionally we have cooked dishes where mushrooms are the primary ingredient, and they taste amazing. Too rich and wonderful to have daily, but such a treat!

Where we could have improved

We bought the greenwashed brand of eggs (cage-free claims etc), which are more expensive than the conventional eggs. I buy these eggs because their paper cartons are recyclable (and make cheap dog toys), but conventional eggs come in styrofoam cartons. Buying these eggs is such a habit that I didn’t even think about the Challenge until I started analyzing the receipt for this post.

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