Chicago: Fox & Obel

Remember the potato sausage I gave away? Well, I gave it to a friend who lives in River North (swank neighbourhood, swank building). Instead of eating at her place, though, we ate at Fox & Obel because we didn’t want to disturb her son’s nap (tough week coming up, didn’t want him coming down with anything).

Fox & Obel is located on Illinois, between Columbus and the LSD. It’s just down the street from the big AMC cinema. It’s a swank grocery store in keeping with the swankiness of the rest of the neighbourhood. (Even the Dominick’s in River North is on a different level from the Dominick’s in the rest of Chicago.) Even though I’m too cheap to buy much from gourmet groceries, I think checking them out is fun. Fox & Obel is a really fun one; the location is large, the decor is mostly wood, the lighting is gentle. Because it’s so big, they cover all the departments.

Like most grocery stores of their class and size (Wegmans, Whole Foods), they also have a section where they serve food. Actually I think there are several sections (ranging in formality), but we went to the café for breakfast (casual, order at counter).

I think my friend got a steak burger because they were out of the philly cheese steak. She was going for heavy because she’s trying to keep up her weight for her pregnancy. I guess she liked it, but how easy is it to enjoy your food when you’re counting calories?

I got a challah french toast: ‘Fox & Obel granola, wild berry compote, black mission fig syrup’. I don’t know where the granola went, and I was a little sad it wasn’t there. I do like me some granola. The toast turned out to be way heavier than I anticipated. I’m part of the clean plate club, but this time I could only finish half my food. For me, that’s really poor performance. But for the half I did have, it was tasty. Not world-changing, but I’m not really into ‘big, sweet breakfast in the morning’. I should’ve gotten yogurt with granola or something.

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