Chicago: Cafecito

Because Chicago has a very strong central business district, restaurants in the Loop tend to target either the ‘fast, cheap lunch’ crowd or the ‘fancy, expensive dinner’ crowd. I don’t have anything against fast, cheap lunches, but those places tend to close early. Near the lake, places don’t close quite as early, but they serve the tourists, which makes the food less than awesome.

Cafecito was another recommendation from my 100% reliable recommender. It’s located on Congress near Wabash, next to Robert Morris University. I guess they serve yet another population of the Loop: university students, which is more my speed for sure. (Chicago has a ridiculous number of universities, many with campuses in downtown.)

As it was only a block away, I stopped by Cafecito for some quick fuel before heading into the jaws of death Lollapalooza. (No way was I going to stand in line, outside, for hours, waiting to order incredibly overpriced cheapo hot dogs.) Cafecito specializes in Cuban sandwiches, which I’ve never had before, so I didn’t really know what to order. I think they also describe themselves as a coffee house, but I don’t drink coffee, so I really didn’t get the full Cafecito experience.

I ordered the jerk chicken sandwich because I love jerk. I don’t know, maybe there were better choices out there. The sandwich was definitely tasty, especially for someone who doesn’t even like sandwiches. But it didn’t change my world or anything.

When I actually got to Lolla, I discovered that I was quite wrong about the food. It was only somewhat overpriced, not severely so, and the offerings available were actually quite fancy. Even the corn dogs came with complex fillings and sauces. But the lines were just as bad as I suspected.

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