Blog Reboot

This blog used to be ‘what i think about when i don’t think about school’ back in 2008. I’ve deleted all the old entries and pages to make way for a new blog about ‘what we do when we’re not doing work’. So, it’s basically the same idea, but the both of us instead of just me, and updated to our current lifestyle.

We are Hide and Clara, and I’ll do most of the writing because Hide doesn’t believe in writing. We’ll write about food we eat, wine he drinks, plants we garden, worms who compost, and anything else that strikes our fancy.

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2 Responses to Blog Reboot

  1. GC says:

    I’ll be reading every word 🙂 Welcome back

    • meow9th says:

      Aww thanks!! Now I’m feeling some pressure to get the first couple of posts rolling. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing!

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